RaceMaker CO/OP

Train. Race. Be Change.


When we started RaceMaker Productions we were young recent college grads who loved Jesus, and loved racing. We wanted to do something combining our faith and our passion for sport. After many years of child bearing, and small business owning…we are excited to launch RaceMaker CO/OP a group focused on athletes training, brainstorming, and serving the community together.

RaceMaker CO/OP: Our Working Mission Statement

Centered on Christ we maximize the use of our resources and our passion for event management to challenge our community to go beyond both self and sport to better our society.


Training & Excursions

One of the most basic ways to get the CO/OP off the ground and running (no pun intended) is to build community. The best way for us to do that as athletes is to train together! We look forward to offering many opportunities to come together for fitness, fun, and fellowship throughout 2018. We will keep this calendar up to date so trust it! Also if you have something you would like to add to it-reach out and let us know!

Quarter 1 Project

For the first quarter of 2016 we have partnered up with Stop Hunger Now to host a meal packing event. Our event will be held at packet pick up for the No Luck Irish Run on 3/17/18 at The Shops at Perry Crossing. Our goal is to pack a minimum of 10,000 meals to help feed individuals who are literally dying from hunger.


Quarter 2 Project

In the second quarter of 2018 we will be working with the Hendricks County YMCA Youth Triathlon Training Program, and July Kids/Youth Tri! We will partner with the YMCA for the entire process of planning, marketing, leading, and hosting the training program & triathlon. The Kid/Youth training program will take place in June, and the race will be held at the YMCA on July 10. We have always had a passion to serve the youth, and as parents now we are even more concerned with raising the youth in our communities to be strong physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally! We know how tough the world is on our kids, and we want to take the summer to help grow a positive self image and strong attitude in our local youth!

Quarter 3 Project

The third quarter we will be partnering with the B&O Trail organization in Indianapolis & Hendricks County. This trail will eventually be over 60 mile longs starting in Indy and heading west along an old railroad track. The B&O Trail organization along with Hendricks County Trail Association, the Far West Trail Committee, and many local governments/communities/businesses/landowners have done a TON of work to purchase/permit/clear & build many miles of the trail. We hope to partner and continue this good work both with finances, and man power!

Quarter 4 Project

Run Wayne Run is a youth training/running program that operates in the Wayne Township School District. The program operates heavily in the fall season as students from around the district gather after school with teachers/coaches to simply run together. Now, as we all know running can have a huge impact on a person well beyond just physical fitness. Mix in the fact that their running with solid mentors and you have a potential for big impact in the lives of the youth. Our goal  for the final quarter of the 2018 season is to come around the students & program leaders to supply them with resources for the program. Running shoes, running gear, prizes, mentors to help lead, race entries for the students, and more! We look forward to partnering with them, and hope to connect to some kiddos in a powerful way through sport!

»Join RaceMaker CO/OP

Interested in joining RaceMaker CO/OP? As of right now we are looking for informal involvement. Some suggestions for involvement would be to participating in events with us, or coming to our training workouts. Another option would be to volunteer with us specifically at things like our Meal Packing event on 3/18.

It is critical to just jump in and get involved because the most unique thing about the CO/OP is that it transforms as people get involved and bring their ideas to the table! We want to build a healthy community focused on accountability, service, and showing the love of Christ  through our common bond of sport.

Stay in the know-Join our RaceMaker CO/OP Facebook group!


Since we are just in the baby stages of developing the CO/OP, we don’t have a formal process for board selection. Once our core group gets our heads around the projects we certainly expect to expand the “powers that be.” We forsee having a rotating group of athletes constantly put in time/thoughts/effort for a one year commitment, and then passing the buck. No reason to wear out a small few! Please be sure to express any interest you may have…and then of course the continued theme is… get involved with us!

»Bounce Back Athlete

Nominate a “Bounce Back” Athlete of the Month

Do you know an Athlete that has come back from an injury just as strong and determined as ever? We want to hear all about them! Email your nomination details to events@racemaker.org

Featured Athletes will receive a free race entry. Sponsored by Fast Track Physical Therapy

»Aggresively Fun Athlete

Nominate an “Aggressively Fun” Athlete of the Month

Do you know an Athlete that has an amazing, wild, creative spirit that you just can’t help but be drawn to? That kind of person that you just HAVE to be friends with? We want to hear all about them! Email your nomination details to events@racemaker.org

Featured Athletes will receive a free race entry. Sponsored by Daredevil Brewing Company

»Performance Athlete

Nominate a “Performance” Athlete of the Month

Do you know an Athlete that has is just killing it? They’ve been working out, working hard, and the results just don’t lie?! We want to hear all about them! Email your nomination details to events@racemaker.org

Featured Athletes will receive a free race entry. Sponsored by Endurance House

»RaceMaker Group Runs

We will be hosting Group Runs from our Shops at Perry Crossing Plainfield Location. We want these to be fun social events, all paces welcome! We want our Shop to be YOURS! Come hang out with us and work on your fitness!

Thursday Evenings @ 6:30 PM (starting 9/20/18)

Sunday Mornings @ 7;00 AM (starting 9/23/18)

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