DateEventTimeDistanceLocationRMP DutiesLearn MoreRegister Now
1/1/19-12/31/19Race/Maker CO/OP Membership Annually Club MembershipPlainfield, IndianaOwnedLearn MoreRegister
1/1/19-12/31/19Speedway Running ClubAnnually Club MembershipSpeedway, IndianaSponsorLearn MoreRegister
01/05/2019Resolution XC 10:00 AM 5k (Indy Winter XC Series)Indianapolis, IndianaOwnedLearn MoreRegister
02/09/2019Frosty Feet9:00 AM5kPlainfield, IndianaTimingLearn More Register
02/10/2019Lovestruck Run Indy 10:00 AM 5k Run/ Walk
4.2 Mile Run
Indianapolis, IndianaOwnedLearn MoreRegister
02/16/2019Polar Bear8:30 AM 5k, 5 MilerIndianapolis, Indiana SoundLearn MoreRegister
02/23/2019Melt The Trail9:00 AM10k, 5kWestfield, IndianaTimingLearn More Register
03/09/2019Spring Fling 9:00 AM10k & 5kPlainfield, IndianaTimingLearn More Register
03/16/2019Shamrock Beer Run2:00 PM5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaSound/MCLearn MoreRegister
03/17/2019No Luck Irish Run8:30 AM Half, 5k, Kids DashPlainfield, IndianaOwnedLearn MoreRegister
03/30/2019Carmel Marathon8:00 AM 26.2, 13.1, 8k, 5k,
Marathon Relay
Carmel, IndianaSoundLearn MoreRegister
04/13/2019Running of the Bulldogs9:00 AM5kBrownsburg, IndianaTimingLearn More Register
04/13/2019Trot the Trail8:15 AM10 Miler & 5kPlainfield, IndianaTimingLearn More Register
04/13/2019HeARTland Hustle9:00 AM5kPaoli, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
04/14/2019Brunch Run Indy 10:00 AM5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaSound/MCLearn MoreRegister
04/20/2019Perk Up The Park9:00 AM5kAnderson, INTimingLearn MoreRegister
04/20/2019Hero Dog Jog9:00 AM 5kIndianapolis, IndianaMgmtLearn MoreRegister
04/20/2019Ben Davis Band Bunny Dash 5k9:00 AM 5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, Indiana TimingLearn MoreRegister
04/25/2019Glow 5k for Casa7:00 PM 5k Run/Walk Indianapolis, Indiana Audio/LightingLearn MoreRegister
04/27/2019Interlock Run for Autism8:30 AM5kMuncie, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
04/27/2019Keys for Kindness 5k9:00 AM 5k Run/WalkAvon, Indiana MgmtLearn MoreRegister
04/27/2019Beautiful Feet9:00 AM 5k, 1 Mile, Kid's Fun RunFishers, INTimingLearn MoreRegister Now
04/28/2019Try Tri Illinois8:00 AM Super Sprint, Long SprintEdwardsville, IllinoisOwnedLearn MoreRegister
05/08/2019PaperCon6:30 AM5k Fun RunIndianapolisTimingLearn MoreRegister
05/11/2019EESLAsC 5k Run for Your Life11:00 AM 5k & 1 Mile Run/WalkDelaware, Ohio TimingLearn MoreRegister Soon
05/11/2019Restored 5k 9:00 AM 5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
05/11/2019Tiger Band 5k9:00 AM5k Run/WalkFishers, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
05/14/2019Taco Run Indy7:00 PM5k Run/WalkSpeedway, IndianaOwnedLearn MoreRegister
05/16/2019Run 317-The Circle7:00 PM5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaSound/MCLearn MoreRegister
05/18/2019Run With Shears 5k9:00 AM 5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaMgmtLearn MoreRegister
05/19/2019Try Tri Indy8:00 AM Super Sprint, Long SprintBrownsburg, IndianaOwnedLearn MoreRegister
05/26/2019Bike to the 5007:00 AM Bike from downtown to Daredevil!Indianapolis, Indiana Rental Learn MoreRegister
05/27/2019Grand Run7:00 AM5k, Half, Kid's RunWestfield, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
06/01/2019Baxter YMCA Aloha Run8:30 AM5k, 1 MileIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
06/08/2019Cool Kids Tri8:00 AMKids TriathlonLouisville, KYTiming/RentalLearn MoreRegister
06/08/2019RoadRunner Rally in The Valley8:00 AM5kMartinsville, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
06/09/2019TriLouisville 7:00 AMSprint/Olympic Triathlon Louisville, KYTiming/RentalLearn MoreRegister
06/13/2019Run 317-Broad Ripple7:00 PM5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaSound/MCLearn MoreRegister
06/15/2019CT5K8:08 AM 5k Indianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
06/15/2019Heroes for the House8:30 AM5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
06/29/2019Rib Run 8:00 AM 5k Run/Walk, Kids DashAvon, IndianaMgmtLearn MoreRegister
06/29/2019OMS Freedom Park Run 8:00 AM5kGreenwood, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
06/29/2019Marengo Underground 5k Bus Trip5:00 AMBus Trip to 5k with SRCSpeedway, Indiana Sponsor Learn MoreRegister
06/30/2019NFHS Run/Walk6:00 AM5kIndianapolis, IndianaTimingPrivate EventPrivate Event
07/04/2019Firecracker 68:00 AM6 Miler, 6KIndianapolis, IndianaEvent CrewLearn MoreLearn More
07/06/2019Freedom 5k8:00 AM 5k, 1 MileIndianapolis, Indiana Timing Learn MoreRegister
07/18/2019Run 317-Mass Ave7:00 PM5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaSound/MCLearn MoreRegister
07/20/20198 Hr Dream Race10:00 AMEndurance Event
2 Lap Distances
Indianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
07/20/2019Big Dawg Dare8:00 AM5k Obstacle RunLitchfield, IllinoisTimingLearn MoreRegister
07/20/2019Livestock Stampede8:00 AM5kDanville, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
08/03/2019Flapjacks 5k 8:00 AM 5k Run/Walk Indianapolis, Indiana Timing Learn MoreRegister
08/03/2019Flag Town 5k8:00 AM 5k Run/WalkMooresville, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
08/08/2019BENefit Mile7:00 PM1 MilePlainfield, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
08/10/2019Beaver Chase Urban Trail Race7:30 AM Full, Half, Quarter MarathonIndianapolis, IndianaOwnedLearn MoreRegister
08/10/2019Street Beat 5k8:00 AM 5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
08/17/2019Daredevil 5k & 1k Dash9:00 AM 5k Run/Walk & Kid's DashSpeedway, IndianaMgmtLearn MoreRegister
08/17/2019O'Town Hustle8:00 AMSprint TriathlonO'Fallon, IllinoisTimingLearn MoreRegister
08/17/2019Adoption Awareness 5k8:00 AM 5k Run/Walk near Brownsburg, IndianaRental Learn MoreRegister
08/17/2019Sparta Triathlon 7:00 AM Adult Sprint, Kids SprintSparta, Illinois TimingLearn MoreRegister
08/20/2019Mooresville XC Invite5:30 PM5k XC RaceMooresville, IndianaTiming Learn MoreLearn More
08/24/2019Run for World Water7:00 AM5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, INAudioLearn MoreRegister
08/25/2019Zionsville Triathlon8:00 AM Sprint TriathlonZionsville, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
08/29/2019Run 317-Carmel7:00 PM5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaSound/MCLearn MoreRegister
09/07/2019Litchfield Triathlou Triathlon7:30 AM Sprint, Olympic, HalfLitchfield, IllinoisOwnedLearn MoreRegister
09/11/20199-11 PTSD 5k6:30 PM5kIndianapolis, IndianaMgmtLearn MoreRegister
09/12/2019Power Up 5k6:30 PM5k Run, 1.5 Mile Run/WalkPlainfield, IndianaMgmtLearn MoreRegister
09/14/2019Flyaway 5k9:00 AM5kIndianapolis, IndianaSound/MCLearn MoreRegister
09/14/2019Ben Davis XC Invitational5:30 PM5kIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreLearn More
09/14/2019Grand Games 5kTBA5kWestfield, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
09/14/2019Indiana Spine Group Car Show9:00 AMCar ShowCarmel, IndianaAudio/EmceeLearn MoreLearn More
09/19/2019Phi Delta Theta Onward Run/Walk7:00 PM5kIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
09/21/2019Home Sweet Hope9:00 AM5k Run/WalkMartinsville, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
09/21/2019Intercollegiate YMCA Underdog 8:00 AM5kIndianapolis, IndianaTiming Learn MoreRegister
09/22/2019Back On My Feet Marathon Relay 8:00 AM Marathon Relay Indianapolis, Indiana Timing Learn MoreRegister
09/28/2019Indy Women's Half Marathon7:30 AMHalf Marathon, 5kIndianapolis, IndianaSoundLearn MoreRegister
09/28/2019Hound Hustle 5k9:00 AM 5k Run/Walk Indianapolis, Indiana MgmtLearn MoreRegister
09/28/2019Mars Hill Community 5k 9:00 AM5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
09/28/2019St. Jude's Walk/RunTBA5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
09/28/2019Shannon Smiles 5k 8:00 AM 5k Run/Walk Fishers, IndianaTiming Learn MoreRegister Soon
09/28/2019NW Suburban XC Championship9:00 AM5kIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreLearn More
10/03/2019Greyhound Mile5:00 PMJr XC MeetCarmel, IndianaTimingLearn MoreLearn More
10/05/2019Peace Run 9:00 AM5k & 1 Mile Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaMgmtLearn MoreRegister
10/05/2019Brain Bolt 10:00 AM5kCarmel, IndianaMgmtLearn MoreRegister
10/05/2019PF Tribal Fest9:00 AM 5k Anderson, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
10/06/2019Brunch Run Indy10:00 AM 5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaSound/MCLearn MoreRegister
10/10/2019Run 317-Fountain Square7:00 PM5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaSound/MCLearn MoreRegister
10/12/2019HealthNet Hustle9:00 AM5kIndianapolis, IndianaMgmtLearn MoreRegister
10/12/2019Get Your Rear In Gear9:00 AM5k, Kids RunIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
10/12/2019IBT Mission Run9:30 AM5kGreenwood, IndianaRentalLearn MoreRegister
10/12/2019IHSAA Sectional XC-BD10:00 AM5kIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
10/13/2019Orchard Dash 9:00 AM 5k Run/Walk Mooresville, IndianaOwnedLearn MoreRegister
10/17/2019Ripple Effect6:30 PM5kIndianapolis, IndianaMgmtLearn MoreRegister
10/19/2019Haunted Hustle 5:00 PM5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
10/19/2019IHSAA Regional XC-BD10:00 AM5kIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreLearn More
10/26/2019Trick or Trot4:30 PM 5k Run/Walk & Kids Run Lebanon, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
10/26/2019Heroes, Health, & Hope 5k8:30 AM5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
11/09/2019Run Wayne Run10:00 AM 2k Kids RaceIndianapolis, IndianaCOOPLearn MoreRegister
11/16/2019Angry Turkey XC10:00 AM 5k (Indy Winter XC Series)Indianapolis, IndianaOwnedLearn MoreRegister Soon
11/28/2019Turkey Burn 9:00 AM 10k, 5k, 1.5 Mile Run/WalkGreenwood, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister Soon
11/28/2019Fit Livin' Thanksgivin' Day Run 8:45 AM 4 Mile Run, 1.5 Mile Walk, 200 Yard Kids DashNoblesville, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
11/28/2019Z Gravy Chase 5k8:30 AM2 M & 4.4 Mile Zionsville, IndianaManagementLearn MoreRegister
11/28/2019Gobble Gallop 5k 8:00 AM 5k Run/Walk & Kids Run Avon, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
11/28/2019Wishbone 5k5k Run/WalkFishers, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
12/14/2019Dirty Santa XC10:00 AM 5k (Indy Winter XC Series)Indianapolis, IndianaOwnedLearn MoreRegister Soon
12/15/2019Santa Hustle 8:30 AM Half Marathon & 5k
1 Mile Rudolph Run
100 Yard Santa Sprint
Indianapolis, Indiana MgmtLearn MoreRegister
12/21/2019Donut 5k9:00 AM5k Run/WalkCarmel, IndianaAudioLearn MoreRegister
12/31/2019Y Did I Do This? 5k10:00 AM5k RunLebanon, Indiana Timing Learn MoreRegister
04/18/2020Running of The Bulldogs9:00 AM 5kBrownsburg, IndianaTiming/MCLearn MoreRegister Soon
05/16/2020Run with Shears9:00 AM5k, Kids Dash, VirtualIndianapolis, IndianaMgmtLearn MoreRegister Soon
10/2020Naptown Triathlon8:00 AM Half, Intermediate Indianapolis, IndianaOwnedLearn MoreRegister
10/2020Find Your Way to Play 5k9:00 AM5k Run/WalkBloomington, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister Soon
08/18/2018Zionsville XC Invite8:00 AMHigh School XCIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreLearn More
09/01/2018Brownsburg Invite9:00 AMHS Cross CountryBrownsburg, IndianaTimingLearn MoreLearn More
09/23/2018Free to Breathe9:00 AM1 Mile Walk, 5k Walk/RunIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
09/25/2018Morgan Co. XC5:00 PM5kMonrovia, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
10/06/2018Brownsburg PD 5-0/5k9:00 AM5kIndianapolis, IndianaManagementLearn MoreRegister
10/13/2018Brian's Cause 5k8:00 AM 5k RunRushville, IndianaTimingLearn More Register
11/10/2018Scout Strong 5k9:00 AM5k Run/WalkIndianapolis, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
11/10/2018Sparky's Musical Mile9:00 AMMileSpeedway, IndianaTimingLearn MoreRegister
12/06/2018Red Nose Romp7:00 PM5kIndianapolis, IndianaOwnedLearn MoreRegister Soon

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