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September 12, 2020

Lake Lou Yaeger Beach House
4932 Beach House Trail
Litchfield Illinois, 62056

We are super excited for this years Litchfield Triathlou celebrating “10 Years Racing!”

Now you better believe you will be getting some EPIC “10 Years Racing” Official Litchfield Triathlou SWAG! All Triathlou athletes will get the Official 10 Years Racing Triathlou Performance Hooded Long Sleeve! We will also hook you up with a very memorable 10th Year finisher medal, post race grub, post race beer, free photos, and a race experience you’ll never forget! Swimming in Lake Lou Yaeger is the best OWS you will have in the midwest. There really is no comparison to this large beach with pristine flat racing water. The bike course is fast racing throughout the county roads…look forward to a very enjoyable ride. Both the 5k, 10k, and Half runs see very honest mile paces with plenty of flats for you to roll on. You want freebies, speed, and camaraderie-you better get to the 10th Annual Litchfield Triathlou Triathlons!


2015 Litchfield Triathlou Race Video: Created/Produced by Andre Nacaxe

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Club & Team discounts will NOT be active during the early bird registration period through 1/31/20. All discounts will become active after the early bird registration period ends. 

2019 10 Years Racing Finisher Medal : (2020 Design Coming Soon)


2019 -10 Years Racing Performance Hooded Long Sleeve. (2020 Design Coming Soon)



Half: 1.2 Mile Swim, 56 Mile Bike, 13.1 Mile Run

Olympic: .9 Mile Swim, 24.8 Mile Bike, 6.2 Mile Run

Sprint: .3 Mile Swim, 13 Mile Bike, 3.1 Mile Run

Can’t Race? Volunteer with us and earn credit towards a future race-even Litchfield Triathlou 2020 0r 2021! 

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Swim: The swim course is a small rectangle for the sprint (click to view), and 2 of the large rectangles for the half (click to view). The olympic will swim the small rectangle, and then the large one for a full .9 Miles. The small rectangle will be marked with red buoys, and the large with green buoys.

Bike: The bike course is an out and back course. The sprint (click to view) will be out 6.5 miles, and back. The olympic (click to view) will be out 12.4 and back. Then the half distance (click to view) will be out 14.5, back 13.5 (about 1 mile from transition you turn around) and then out to the 14.5 mark (13.5 from the second turn around), and then all the way back to transition.

Run: The run course is also out and back. We think athletes will LOVE this years run course as it eliminates hills…even into the finish. The sprint (click to view) will go out 1.55 and then flip. The olympic (click to view) will go out to the 3.1 mile mark, and then return. The half (click to view) will go out 3.3 miles, then return just outside the entry to transition area, and then repeat that loop one more time.

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