2018 Results

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DateEventOverallAge GroupPhotos
1/01/2018Resolution Run Indy Overall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
1/01/2018Y Did I Do this 5kOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
01/06/2018Resolution XC Age Group ResultsTeam ResultsPhotos
02/11/2018Lovestruck Run IndyOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
02/17/2018Frosty Feet 5k Overall ResultsAge Group ResultsNo Photos
03/03/2018Spring Fling 5k/10kOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsNo Photos
03/18/2018No Luck Irish RunOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
04/07/2018Restored 5k Overall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
04/14/2018Trot the Trail Overall ResultsAge Group ResultsNo Photos
04/14/2018Ben Davis Bunny DashOverall ResultsOverall ResultsNo Photos
04/15/2018Theta 5k for Casa Overall ResultsOverall ResultsNo Photos
4/21/2018SIUE Splash N Dash AquathlonOverall ResultsOverall ResultsNo Photos
4/28/2018Keys for Kindsness 5k Overall ResultsAge Group Results
4/28/2018Interlock 5k Overall ResultsAge Group Results
4/28/2018Olivette Park UltraOverall ResultsOverall Results
04/29/2018Try Tri IllinoisOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
05/12/2018Run For Your Life 1 MilerOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsNo Photos
05/15/2018Taco Run IndyOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
05/19/2018Run With Shears 5k Overall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
05/20/2018Try Tri Indy Overall ResultsAge Group Results Photos
06/02/2018Aloha 5k & 1 MIleOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsNo Photos
06/09/2018Cool Kids TriathlonOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos Soon
06/10/2018Tri Louisville Overall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos Soon
06/16/2018Maggie's Splash N Dash 5kOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsNo Photos
06/30/2018Rib Run 5k & 1/4 Slab KIds DashOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
06/30/2018OMS Freedom Park 5kOverall ResultsOverall ResultsNo Photos
07/07/2018Gino's East 5k Overall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
07/07/2018Freedom 5kOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsNo Photos
07/21/2018Project Lifesaver 5kOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsNo Photos
07/21/20188 Hr Dream RaceOverall ResultsSolo Age Group ResultsPhotos
08/04/2018Flag Town 5k/10kOverall ResultsOverall ResultsNo Photos
08/04/2018Flapjacks 5kOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsNo Photos
08/11/2018Streetbeat 5kOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsNo Photos
08/11/2018Beaver Chase Overall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
08/18/2018Zionsville XC Invitational Overall ResultsTeam Results
08/18/2018Hops & Flip Flops 5kOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
08/21/2018Mooresville XC InviteOverall ResultsTeam Results
08/25/2018Sparta Sprint TriOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
08/26/2018Zionsville Sprint TriOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
09/01/2018Brownsburg XC InviteOverall ResultsTeam Results
09/08/2018Rock n Roll 5kOverall ResultsAge Group Results
09/09/2018Litchfield TriathlouOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
09/13/2018Power Up 5kOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
09/15/2018Diamond in the Rough 5kOverall ResultsAge Group Results
09/22/2018Peace Run 5k and Kids RunOverall ResultsAge Group Results
09/22/2018Run for the Bathroom 5kOverall ResultsAge Group Results
09/22/2018NW Suburban XC ChampionshipOverall ResultsTeam Results
09/23/2018Free to Breathe 5k Overall ResultsOverall Results
09/23/2018Back On My Feet RelayOverall ResultsDivision Results
09/25/2018Ben Davis XC InviteOverall ResultsTeam Results
09/25/2018Morgan Co. XC Overall ResultsTeam Results
09/29/2018Shannon Smiles 5kOverall ResultsTeam Results
09/29/2018Running for Recovery 5kOverall ResultsAge Group Results
10/06/2018Mars Hill Community 5kOverall ResultsAge Group Results
10/06/2018Brownsburg 5-05kOverall ResultsAge Group Results
10/06/2018IHSAA Cross Country SectionalsOverall ResultsTeam Results
10/07/2018Naptown TriathlonOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
10/13/2018Brian's Cause 5kOverall ResultsAge Group Results
10/13/2018Get Your Rear in GearOverall ResultsAge Group Results
10/13/2018IHSAA Regional XC MeetOverall ResultsTeam Results
10/14/2018Orchard Dash Overall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
10/18/2018BENefit MileOverall ResultsAge Group Results
10/20/2018HealthNet HustleOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos
10/20/2018Haunted HustleOverall ResultsAge Group Results
10/26/2018Speedway Zombie Fun RunOverall ResultsAge Group Results
10/27/2018Trick or Trot 5kOverall ResultsAge Group Results
11/10/2018Run Wayne Run 2kGrade ResultsSchool Results
11/10/2018Heroes, Health, & Hope 5kOverall ResultsAge Group Results
11/10/2018Scoutstrong 5k Overall ResultsAge Group Results
11/17/2018Angry Turkey XCOverall ResultsTeam ResultsPhotos
11/22/2018Gobble GallopOverall ResultsAge Group Results
11/22/2018ZGravy ChaseOverall ResultsAge Group Results
11/22/2018Turkey BurnOverall ResultsAge Group Results
11/22/2018Fit Livin'Overall ResultsAge Group Results
12/06/2018Red Nose RompOverall ResultsAge Group Results
12/09/2018Santa HustleOverall ResultsAge Group Results
12/15/2018Dirty SantaOverall ResultsAge Group ResultsPhotos

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