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January 04, 2020

Avon Washington Township Park
115 S. County Rd 575
Avon Indiana, 46123

You make em, and you’ll surely be breaking them… and we honestly don’t care a whole lot. Truth is we just care about gritty painful racing! There is no doubt that training will give you confidence to perform at your best. Reality is training or not, if you’re racing right it’s going to hurt like heck! We want grimace, we want to see the pain, and we want to laugh in your face as you plow through all that the course, Mother Nature, and your competitors can throw at you. Join us shortly after you set those lofty goals of health and fitness to truly test yourself in the Resolution XC race at Washington Township Park.  Resolution XC is shattering dreams & breaking resolutions one painful race at a time.

2020 Resolution XC Medal & Shirt: 


Know you Will Have to Miss one of the Series Events, but want all the SWAG? We’ve got you covered!

Register for the series and race the one you’ll miss virtually to get all the finisher medals and all three race shirts! 

Athletes that will miss one event are encouraged to still sign up for all three races to collect all the shirts, and get all the Finisher Medals! Simply register for the series, attend the races you can make, and submit your “virtual results” to us via email from races you can’t make. Then you can get SWAG you missed at the next race you make. *Please note that if you need items shipped you will have additional fees for shipping.*

Want to be involved without running? Volunteer! Volunteers will receive $20 credit towards RaceMaker Events and a comfy Volunteers Tee. Click Here for more info!

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XC Course

This cross country course will offer a variety of terrain including grass, packed dirt/trail, small gravel, and some paved trail. There is 1 good hill to climb around the 2.6 mile mark, the rest of the course is flat, and fairly fast for being trail.

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