2020 Season Ended

April 04, 2020

10 Week Track Season
March 30th-June 7th
Virtual Race
Compete at a Track, Street, or Treadmill Near You

Track Never Quits

During this unprecedented time as our nation is quarantined in attempts to fight the COVID-19 Virus, our sport on a competitive scale has come to a screeching halt. We all have friends that are in prime shape ready to set season bests, or even personal records at “A” race spring marathons and road races throughout the country. We also have high school youth and young college adults that were primed for an epic 2020 Track season that is slipping away. As former high school and track athletes that still cherish those competitive years we simply couldn’t sit back, and let the months and stellar fitness that athletes have trained for, not have a platform to compete and shine. With today’s technology, the ample tracks sprinkled in communities throughout our country, treadmills, and smartwatches we don’t have to “skip” this track season completely.  We are excited to announce TRACKSback: Nationwide Virtual Track Meets for all ages and abilities. We hope that you will join us as we host a 10 week virtual track season allowing participants to pay one low price, compete in up to 4 events weekly, and be scored for the entire season. Results will showcase athletes from throughout our cities, states, and the nation.

Participants can race in up to 4 Events at each meet for Only $5 +$2 PROCESSING per MEET or $35/Season

  • 400 Meter (1/4 or .25 Mile)
  • 800 Meter (1/2 or .5 Mile)
  • 1600 Meter (1 Mile)
  • 3200 Meter (2 Mile)

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