You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Can I register for the whole season in one transaction?
Yes! We have just added the option to register for the whole season at once to make this easier on you. When you are asked to select your event, choose the first option of “Full Season Registration”. This will automatically register you for ALL 4 events for each week of the full season. You do NOT need to complete each event if you do not wish to. Just compete in the events you choose and submit results for those. A Full Season Registration option will be $35/person. This registration option will be available through 4/25 to include whatever portion of the season is left at the time you register. (Ex: You missed the first 2 weeks. It’s now 4/13. You can register for the Full Season option and compete in weeks 3-10 for $35.) A Full Season includes a Free Tee. Select your size on the TRACKshack store portion of your registration. It will be the first shirt option on the page. If you miss it, we’ll email you and get your size and mail the shirt!